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Wesley Cornwell is a tutor in the Westchester, Connecticut, and Bergen markets. A graduate of Princeton University, Wesley tutors students in ACT & SAT prep, French, SSAP, and Executive Functioning. As part of our “Millennials Rock” series, we asked him to share what makes Private Prep an employer a cut above the rest.


As he began his work with Private Prep, Wesley knew there was something special about what he did with his students, as well as the company that facilitated this work: personalization.

“The first and more important way that Private Prep demonstrates that it cares about its students is with the consultation. Directly engaging the student’s specific concerns, hopes, goals, strengths, and weakness allows the Director to pair the student with a tutor who will be a good match. For me, the essence of tutoring is about listening to students and that begins with the consultation,” and the insight and notes about the student that the director shares with the tutor in an honest team-oriented conversation prior to the first session.

With this support, Wesley has been able to customize each of his lessons. As he remarks, “there may be some guiding principles which are true from student to student, and the goal of continual improvement is going to be the same, but how we get there has to be as unique as the student. For me, the greatest joy and challenge is being present and attuned to what my students say as well as what they don’t. Building a sense of trust, camaraderie, and mutual respect is the key because tutoring can involve a great deal of vulnerability. Students need to feel safe not having the answers. Knowing that they have permission to make mistakes is essential to their progress and improvement.”

But what allows Wesley to be able to support his students so well has been the community of Private Prep itself. “Everyone at Private Prep has been so generous with their time and experience that it’s easy to feel supported. There’s a danger that tutoring can feel like being stranded in the wilderness without a guide, but the community of more experienced tutors  provides the opportunity for a dialogue about how to best support my students.”

With Private Prep’s Tutor Advisory Board and multiple professional development opportunities, no tutor is left without a guide as they navigate the ‘wilderness’ of tutoring. Private Prep makes it a priority to cultivate a community of tutors who can offer support and advice to one another. No tutor is alone and this, to Wes, “helps me prioritize the individual strengths and weakness of each of my students because their coordinating directors and I are engaged in a conversation about their latest test results and how we can continue to help them moving forward. The individuality of every student is recognized and prioritized by Private Prep’s culture of caring which informs my own work.”

Private Prep knows that supported and informed tutors leads to supported and successful students.

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