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We’ve all heard it: anxiety among young adults is at an all-time high.

A recent WebMD study conducted in collaboration with the Jed Foundation found that almost 90% of medical professionals who work with adolescents say that they have seen a significant increase in stress and anxiety among their teen patients in the past 5 years.

Yet only 17% of parents have considered access to and availability of mental health services and counseling on college campuses.

For many students, mental health issues can bleed into or manifest as academic problems, and vice versa: students struggling with their college classes, changing schedule, or finding the balance between their school work and personal life may experience depression and anxiety as they face academic probation and a difficult conversation with their parents.

Our College Transitions program proactively works with students to limit and address academic obstacles, challenges, and milestones college students are likely to face when they enter the new world of living on their own. We also provide assistance with locating campus resources and accountability in setting up smart and effective study systems.

If you or any college students you know could benefit from an academic companion and mentor in navigating university, please contact us:

We are ready and eager to help.

Click here for more information about our College Transitions program.

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college kid

Facing Campus Stress

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