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The venture into college arrives with fanfare…and lots of questions. 

  • What is college like?
  • How is it different from high school?
  • Will I make friends in college?
  • Are the teachers harder?
  • Will I pass my classes?

Fear not, these are normal concerns!

Do you want a  College Transition “companion” who can address these questions? Contact Us to discuss. 

The Private Prep College Transitions Program

Because a successful transition to college doesn’t happen over night. 

College is the beginning of a journey.  For many students it will be one of the most profound social and academic shifts that they have ever experienced.  Understandably, just about every student will face significant challenges in some form as they transition to life as a college student.  This is especially true of those who are pursuing their higher education goals far from their network of family, friends, coaches and mentors.  While the hope is that eventually they will build new support systems on their campus, it may take time for this to happen.

We are here to help.  Every step of the way.

We have developed a College Transition program to help support students on their journey to becoming a successful college student.  Consistent to our mission, we take a holistic, proactive and personalized approach to providing each student with the tools that they need to achieve their full potential in this new phase of life.  For many students this will mean addressing academic skills, but it will also most likely involve strengthening their dexterity with tasks such as time management, goal setting, navigating campus resources, managing stress, and embracing overall wellness.

Companions on the journey.

Our experienced College Transition coaches have the skills and versatility to both identify and provide the various kinds of support that students may need.  And because most of this work is done remotely, coaches and students can benefit from the convenience of digital access and more frequent check-ins at fractions of the hour to assist with the aspects of feeling supported at every major juncture and even being held accountable.

A touchstone for the college transition process.

Over the next year we will send a few emails at critical junctures for students adjusting to life in pursuit of their higher education goals.  These emails will be sent individually to students and parents and address the key issues that students are likely to be facing at each crossroad, namely: preparing for college departure, settling in at college, preparing for first semester midterms, beginning the second semester and reflecting upon the first year.  We hope that it will be helpful for students to see that they are not alone in their experiences, provide useful resources, while helping to keep parents tuned in to the circumstances that their new college student is likely facing.  This is our way of continuing to provide the kind of proactive support to the families and students alike in this next significant phase of life.

It is never too early or too late to get a student the support that they need to make their college transition a success.

For more information about our College Transition services, please reach out to your Director or

Meet our College Transitions Directors

Jenny La Monica, Ph.D.

Jenny is a Senior Director with Private Prep Long Island and on the faculty of Fine Arts at Molloy College.  She has worked with college students for more than 13 years teaching a wide variety of art history classes and freshman seminars.

Inspired by the struggles she saw many of her students face upon entry to college, she co-created a the College Transition Program. In that role, she has helped college students find success as they transition toward their higher education goals, often while navigating learning differences, social challenges, depression and anxiety.  Her creativity and passion for the arts infuses her work, often lending valuable metaphors such as “reframing” challenges and difficult situations, seeking and appreciating the beauty around us, identifying our authenticity, and leaving our unique mark on the world.

As a parent of two, Jenny can relate to the bitter-sweetness that comes with watching a child reach new milestones; she’s the kind of mom who cries at the bus stop when sending her little one off for their first ride to school. Perhaps you know the feeling?

Jeremy Weiss:

Jeremy is a graduate of Yale University where he double majored in Theater Studies and Humanities and earned a Certificate in Energy Studies. He then joined Private Prep as an ACT tutor on Long Island before moving to Bloomington, IN to pursue a Master’s in Music in Opera Performance and a Master’s in Public Affairs at Indiana University. In addition to working toward his Master’s, Jeremy teaches a college transitions course at Indiana University as part of a student retention initiative with IU’s Student Academic Center.

Jeremy’s work with students struggling in the college environment sparked his passion for wanting to proactively help Private Prep students through this same transition in learning and lifestyle; thus, Private Prep’s College Transitions Program was born. Jeremy uses his experiences and dynamic personality to connect with his students, helping them to thrive as individuals by cultivating the skills necessary to actively engage in their college experience, claim their own education process, and work toward discovering a life path aligned with their core values.


Smooth Transition to College

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