Our job is to facilitate academic achievement while caring for and supporting each student. We believe personal attention is fundamental to this process, and therefore lies at the forefront of every student-tutor relationship. Designing curriculum for each student’s unique learning style, our academic coaches focus not only on improving grades and increasing test scores, but also on building confidence and developing valuable skills that last a lifetime.

Our Promise


We invest in the highest professional standard of care and expertise.


We turn every challenge into a chance to identify a creative, effective solution.


We think ahead, anticipating the needs of families throughout the academic journey.


We share responsibility and commitment with students in achieving their maximum potential.

Mindful Prep

To support our students in learning to test well, we have created the Performance Prep Program, a curriculum of tools and strategies designed to help students mentally prepare for performing under pressure.

Improving test performance is fundamentally about learning to perform under pressure.

Performance Prep‘s main goal is to train students to consistently control confidence. The curriculum, rooted in themes such as useful self-talk, motivation, goal setting, and visualization, focuses on developing a wide range of skills that help students perform to the best of their ability on test day. Throughout the year, we offer workshops for both students and staff on topics such as concentration, mindfulness, and stress reduction.

Our Academic Coaches participate in professional development training that uses a Performance Prep curriculum designed by mental coach & sport psychologist Brian Levenson, who has supported hundreds of professional athletes in mastering the art of performing under pressure.

Giving Back

We believe in giving back to our community by offering customized educational and college prep support to students who would not otherwise be able to afford it.

We have developed a pro-bono scholarship program, which provides test prep tutoring, college admissions support, and a tuition scholarship to a group of under-resourced students who are accepted into the program through a formal application process. 

Our three students from 2016-2017 have graduated and are beginning college this Fall! We have 9 students currently in the scholarship program, and will be recruiting more in the coming year.

Students are encouraged to apply from schools throughout our market regions. To learn more, read on!