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Math is more than just knowing the answer. 

It’s about knowing HOW TO GET to the answer.

When we wrote  “For the Love of ACT Math,” the goal was to offer a book of easy-to-understand strategies and thoughtful problem sets that can help students practice realistic questions which give the experience of the real ACT Math section.

We also recognize that it is crucial for students – and educators – to understand the process behind the answers in order to learn from mistakes and digest the formula and mathematical approach to the correct answer in a meaningful way.

Therefore, we are offering a downloadable guide to the answers to every chapter showing our “work” for you to review.

Chapter 1 (Sections 1-11)

Chapter 2 (Sections 1-9)

Chapter 5 (Sections 1-10 and the quiz)

Mid-Book Review

Practice Test 2

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Love of ACT Math Answers

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