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Mental Intensive “Performance Prep” Program

A Unique Opportunity for Private Prep families

This program is designed to address what many of our students are seeking—how to test well and stay calm under pressure.

4 Week Mental Intensive Program

This program is recommended for students preparing for an exam or struggling with test anxiety and would like technical support to learn valuable and effective skills.

Program Overview

Students will work with expert mental performance coach Brian Levenson. Brian has helped hundreds of professional athletes and performers conquer the challenges of high-stress situations. Through his exercises in mindfulness and performance psychology, Brian provides a customized plan to learn valuable tools for:

  • Building confidence and maintaining concentration during pressure-filled scenarios.
  • Taming anxiety and incorporating stress-management techniques in everyday life.

Program Description

Each week a new theme will be discussed.  The student will receive a “Mental Skills” workbook to be utilized during all sessions. Occasional reflective homework will be assigned. At the conclusion of the program, Brian will provide a summary recap of the student’s progress, indicating which tools, techniques, and concepts were taught. If needed, additional support can be provided at the completion of the 4-week program.


For more information on pricing and logistics, please contact Brian Levenson


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