Given the global environment of the 21st century, we are devoted to providing customized academic support for international students from every continent.

For all of our international students, we deliver high-quality, online-based test prep, tutoring and college admissions via Zoom, an exceptional video conferencing platform. Zoom enables tutors and students to work simultaneously through a digital whiteboard, to save images from the whiteboard correspondence, to share their screen and review school assignments and test prep homework together, and to record all sessions for later viewing.

We place tremendous focus on getting to know our international students authentically. We always approach our sessions with a customized plan and a strategy tailored to the student’s personality, needs, learning style, and English comprehension level.

In addition, Private Prep utilizes an internal platform for frequent communication between students, parents, tutors, and education directors. Our goal is always to bring the highest level of personal attention to ensure our students meet their educational goals.

Remote-based services include academic subject tutoring and ESL for all school classes standardized test preparation, and college admissions support. We have a team of experts who provide specific guidance for international students seeking admission to American universities and boarding schools.

Fluent in both Spanish and French, Director Adrienne de la Fuente manages international relationships with families and helps them traverse the geographic distance.

Learn more about our presence in Brazil, Guatemala, and Vietnam.



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