Metro West New Jersey

  • 19 W. 21st Street
  • Suite 1004
  • New York, NY 10010
  • 212.244.7190

Jessica Taub is our compassionate and gifted Partner for Metro West New Jersey, which includes Essex, Morris, Union and the surrounding counties.

Jessica was born and raised in New Jersey and brings over a decade of experience in account management working for client-serving high profile brands. She has an enthusiasm for supporting the family dynamic, drawing especially from her important role as a nurturing mom of two.

Private Prep has been providing customized educational services to students residing in NYC, Westchester, and Long Island for many years, where we excel in understanding the landscape of competitive schools, the important needs of our families, and navigating the busy schedules of students. We have leveraged our presence in the NY Metro area to establish a sophisticated program in the Garden State. Our NJ-based Academic Coaches bring remarkable passion and aptitude to our students.

Metro West New Jersey Private Prep students can take practice tests at our test centers in Scotch Plains.



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