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For students who live far from a Private Prep hub in the U.S., Canada or world-wide, we deliver online-based test prep, tutoring and college admissions via Skype, Google Hangout and Webex whiteboards.

With all “remote” students, even though we won’t necessarily meet in person, we put great focus on getting to know our students and families, and always approach our sessions with a customized plan and strategy. To do so, we utilize valuable digital tools and frequent communication across the team, bringing the highest level of personal attention to ensure our students meet their educational goals.

Online services include academic tutoring for all grades, including university-level subjects, such as Economics and Pre-Med courses, and support for high school students abroad applying for admission to American universities.

Fluent in both Spanish and French, Director Adrienne de la Fuente manages international relationships with families and helps them traverse the geographic distance.



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