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Don’t Worry Too Much About Vocab

There are areas of the SAT exam that specifically test vocab knowledge including “Words in Context” questions in the Reading Section and “Diction/Idiom” questions in the Writing & Language Section. These are tough questions for any student, but may be particularly difficult for someone whose first language isn’t English. We suggest not spending too much time on prepping for these questions and rather focus on the many other sections and questions of the exam that are more familiar content.

Structured Skimming is Your Friend

Non-native English speakers may not have the time to read entire long passages in the Reading Section. It may be preferred for these students to focus on strategic “skimming,” choosing the most important lines to understand the general concept of the passage.

Save the Densest for Last

The “Founding Document” passage of the Reading Section is the most difficult to read. It may be a helpful plan to do the other passages first and save this passage for the end if the student has additional time.

Terms are Everything

On the SAT Math Section, the wording of question is really important. Be sure to review important math terminology, such as “slope”, “mean”, and “range.”

Brush Up on the Basics

Many of the Math questions in the No Calculator section ask students to use elementary math concepts, such as combining fractions, multiplication, and division.


SAT Tips for ESL students

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